Spamalot UK Tour

This Wednesday, 15th April, I went to see the touring version of Spamalot at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

A very different production from the ‘traditional musical’, the show is an adaptation of the popular film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a parody of the Arthurian Legend. It is about King Arthur and his group of knights who go on a quest to find the Holy Grail. This musical very much had a pantomime feel about it – that’s not a criticism as I do love a good pantomime – but all the same, it was a fantastic production!

Comedian Joe Pasquale played the leading role of King Arthur. Although not the best vocally, his comedy and mannerisms made up for it entirely and made the character a joy to watch. King Arthur’s double-act with his servant Patsy, played by Todd Carty was very entertaining and the two clearly have a great friendship off-stage, as this shines through in their respective roles. Not only did Pasquale interact very well with the cast on stage, but also interacted with the audience and really made us all feel apart of King Arthur’s quest.

As briefly mentioned above, Todd Carty took up the role of Patsy, servant to King Arthur. Carty is know for his roles in The Bill, Grange Hill and EastEnders, therefore his previous work is quite a different stretch from Spamalot. Despite this, he put on a wonderful performance and created a very likeable character, who again interacted well with both fellow cast and audience members alike.

The Lady of the Lake was played by West End favourite Sarah Earnshaw, or Earnie as she is affectionately known amongst her fans. In an attempt as not to appear biased, her vocals definitely stood out as being the best and strongest in the cast. Having understudied the role of Glinda in the long-running musical WICKED and been part of the cast for around five years, a presence of that character was identifiable in her character in this show, as the characters share many similarities. Her song halfway through act two, Whatever Happened to my Part, was the highlight of the show. The curtains closed and she stepped out with her hands on her hips with such attitude it really made the performance for her. An incredible performer who will go far!

Spamalot, although perhaps not a show I personally would particularly go and see again, was a fabulous piece of comedy with some daft but catchy numbers. It is not a lengthly piece of theatre, it began at 7:30 and we were out of the theatre by around 9:45, which is nice, particularly if you have an early start the next day! It has a great cast line-up with some well-known names both in the world of theatre and other platforms of entertainment. If you are a Monty Python fan or want an evening of light-hearted entertainment, then I would recommend this show – a great evening all-round!


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