Guess the show from the props table!


Did you get it?

All this week I have been at Pendley Court Theatre in Tring working backstage for Vale Musical Society’s production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes and have spent the majority of my time at this particular table.

Get-in took place on Sunday where I spend three hours solid stripping wallpaper from set boards. Thank goodness for the rather large supply of hot chocolate, doughnuts and biscuits waiting for us in the foyer afterwards! Once the set was pretty much built and painted, the remainder of the cast turned up for a rehearsal which entailed all the staging of where everything and everyone would be positioned in each scene.

Monday was tech rehearsal day so very much stopping and starting constantly to ensure that lights, microphones and sound were all working properly and Tuesday was a full dress rehearsal with the entire band and all the props. I was a bit concerned that there seemed to be an awful lot of props to think about but actually as far as it goes, it was a pretty easy show.

Wednesday was opening night and so the five performances continued until Saturday. All went so well and there were no major mishaps (a couple of minor ones but even the professional shows don’t quite go to plan every night!) and everyone had such a brilliant time. From working with this group for the last six months, I had always been hugely impressed by how much talent everyone had, but they all stepped it up hugely during show week and I understand that there was some great audience feedback going round after each show.

Vale’s next production in May 2017 will be something very different – Aspects of Love which I am of course very keen to be involved in! For the next few weeks, I will enjoy having most of my evening back, however I know I will really miss the show and everyone involved.

Oh, and finally, there may be something very exciting coming up on the blog at some point before Christmas, so keep an eye out!


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