MTC-Aylesbury Workshop With Harveen Mann

This week is half term and has been extremely hectic – in a good way of course! On Wednesday, we dashed back down from London so that I could go to a very special choir rehearsal – an acting through song workshop with star-of-the-stage Harveen Mann, known for her roles in Bend It Like Beckham and The Witches.

Recently, we have been working on the song ‘Louder Than Words’ from Tick Tick Boomwhich is a lovely song and has been a lot of fun and fairly challenging to work on. As it was half term, we were lucky enough to be allowed to use the main stage for our workshop so we had a lot more space and we were rehearsing on a proper stage – exciting!

We started off with our warm-up which was led by Harveen, who introduced us to a new one – ‘many men’ to the tune of ‘William Tell’. Try getting your tongue round that!

After the warm-up, the real work began! We did a sing-through of ‘Louder Than Words’, after which Harveen gave us a few pointers about how we could really tell the story through the song, which words we should be emphasising and how we could make a repeated phrase different each time. We then spent a little time analysing our posture when singing and Harveen taught us how to stand properly and most importantly for a lot of us, what to do with our hands. Top tip: never hold your music with two hands. Ever. A couple more run-throughs and the song was sounding so much better than it had done when we started – “like a different piece” was the feedback from Harveen and perhaps I am biased but I think she was right – I personally felt a hundred times more confident and comfortable performing it.

At the end of the workshop, Harveen very kindly allowed us to do a little Q&A session which was really interesting and insightful. She told us about how she got into acting, how she juggles an acting career with four other jobs (bionic woman?) and how brutal the business can be.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we were all just a little bit starstruck and all had the best time ever. On behalf of all of us at Aylesbury Musical Theatre Choir, I would like to thank Chris and Ashley for organising the workshop and Harveen for joining us for the evening – we loved it and hope you will come again soon!


Photo credit to MTC-Aylesbury


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