Blogging 2017

As we are still in the early stages of 2017, I thought it might be an idea to not only write a blog plan but to share it with my audience so I actually really do have to stick to it. The blog went on hold at some point in 2015 but now is a great time to bring it back and make a proper go of blogging.

On BeckyInABubble this year, you can expect:

  • Reviews for every show I see
  • Reviews for every book I read
  • A new short story on the last day of every month – at some point, I hope to start writing a mini-series, so you can expect a chapter every month
  • A re-visit and reviews of my favourite television series
  • Holiday blogging

This should hopefully give me a few starting points. As always, I very much appreciate any feedback on my posts and reviews on my short stories.

Keep your eyes peeled to see what comes of this!